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James Harley Alldredge (b. 10/6/1875) 
Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, November 19, 1903

On last Monday, at the M.E. Parsonage in Osceola, Rev. T.J. Wright pronounced the ceremony which united in marriage MR. JAMES H. ALLDREDGE and MISS LAURA M. HOUSH, of Leon, Iowa. MISS HOUSH is the accomplished daughter of ALEX HOUSH, Esq., a prominent farmer and stockman of Decatur County, while MR. ALLDREDGE is the celebrated athlete and wrestler of Leon. He is one of the magnificent specimens of physical mankind in all the world, and is also a pleasant, genial gentleman. MR. ALLDREDGE has met in the ring some of the best known athletes in the country and has proven himself among the best. A short time ago at Los Angeles, California, he received $300 for standing up for three rounds against James J. Jeffries. MR. ALLDREDGE has an engagement to meet in the ring and wrestle with Percy McClellan, a professional with a good record, next Saturday evening at Lincoln, Illinois, and the sporting world will watch to see whether a man can wrestle as well within a week after he is married as he could a week before.


Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, January l9, l904

The Wrestling match in the Armory last Saturday night between JAMES H. ALLDREDGE, of Leon and JACK WHITMER, of Ohio, resulted in victory for ALLDREDGE, he winning three out of the four falls. It was WHITMER's first defeat and after the match ended he addressed the audience and acknowledged ALLDREDGE to be the best man he had ever met on the mat.

The first fall was won by WHITMER in l0 minutes with a farther arm and cross hold. The three succeeding falls were won by ALLDREDGE; first time in 2 l/2 minutes with back hammer lock and English cross bar; second time in 4 l/2 minutes with scissor hold and half Nelson; third time in l4 minutes with quarter Nelson leg and arm hold.

Both men are good to look at from a standpoint of physical development. ALLDREDGE is the taller and heavier of the two, he standing six feet and weighing 220 pounds. WHITMER's muscular development is extraordinary. For his size and weight of l95 pounds he possesses great strength.

Preceding the principal match the spectators were entertained by a preliminary contest between MESSRS. BEDIER and BROWN, students at the Chariton Commercial College. Both young men are from Leon, the home of ALLDREDGE, and their work on the mat was such as to suggest they had learned something of the game from Southern Iowa's star wrestler.

DR. D.Q. STORIE was referee of the match between ALLDREDGE and WHITMER. About 200 spectators witnessed the event, which was a good exhibition in which the best man won and every one in the audience was well satisfied.